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Philip Greenfield
6 months ago
This is a wonderful store for someone who not only wants to buy a piano, but loves music and wants to be in the presence of owners who do too. Piano salesmanship is not a mere job but a calling to Steve and his associates. They want to put the "right" piano in the "right" hands, and will listen closely to what your needs are and where your (and your family's) musical journey might be headed before they suggest anything. If Debbie the technician is in, she will gladly (and proudly) inform you of the work she has done to make your potential piano as good as it can be. The showroom is a bright, pleasant space with great floors! (It used to be the headquarters for a flooring company.) The pianos look beautiful in this setting. We are very pleased with the deal we got, and look forward to all future matters (delivery, tuning, warranty considerations, etc.) with total confidence.


Marsha Hollar
 7 days ago
 Steve was a total pleasure to work with in the purchase of our new Kawai grand piano! We had been searching since the summer exploring both the used and new market for a Kawai trying to marry our budget with our needs and desires. Once we decided on a piano, Steve was able to make the magic happen so we could bring it home! This included trading in our baby grand. As our piano wasn’t in stock, Steve went out of his way to locate one for us. There was a wait for the next shipment and the process of customs, but it was so worth it! It has a beautiful, rich, mellow sound! We are looking forward to the decades that this piano will be used! Today alone, it’s been used almost nonstop since it’s arrival! Also, the piano movers were so professional and really took care of each piano during take down and set up. Thank you again Steve!

Avi Abasov

a month ago-
We bought a Kawai CN37 this week from Jason's. This place is great! We had a great service experience with Tom who showcased the Kawai line with high professionalism, answered every question with patience and explained everything to me and my wife to make the purchase feel right. I was highly impressed with his abilities and kindness. The store is also great, a big selection of pianos and knowledgeable employees to aid. I highly recommend Jason's for all your piano needs!


6 months ago-
Steve Cohen was great to work with. He really knows his business and helped guide me to the right piano. He quickly assessed where I am musically and what kind of piano would be good for my situation, and he very patiently answered my questions and helped me think it through. Highly recommended!

Cassandra Hedelius

6 months ago
Steve was very knowledgeable, and kind but direct. Instead of trying to upsell me, he helped me figure out that a lower-cost alternative would meet my needs even better than what I thought I wanted. Highly recommend.


Vance ProductionsTM
When I started playing the clarinet in the fourth grade, my mom took me to Jason’s to buy my first one. We bought all of our accessories there as well. I named her Pepper. Fast foreword 22 years. My son found Pepper in the closet and decided he wanted to play the clarinet too and so, I took him to Jason’s. Everyone in there is so sweet and knowledgeable and they care so much about their clients. The location may have changed but our experience is the same. I wouldn’t dream of buying or renting an instrument from anywhere else. Thank you for your years of dedication to the art of music. 

13 minutes ago-
Wonderful customer service. Registered for instrument online and picked up with no wait. Staff made sure we had everything we needed and asked if we had any questions.

David Cantor

10 months ago
We had a great experience. Steve Cohen did a terrific job at guiding us toward the piano that would best suit our needs. They had a big sale that expired a few days before we came to the showroom, but honored the sale prices anyway. We're very happy with the instrument we purchased.


Fred Yeganeh
2 years ago
Highly recommend Jasons Piano Warehouse. Had a great experience with Steve Cohen who knows everything about pianos. He was very helpful and gave us a lot of information. We then went home and sorted through all the information and used that to pick the best piano for us from their great selection. Our daughter has loved the piano for the past 5 months. We have recommended them to many friends. Thanks, Steve!


Neil Smith

7 months ago
Just received our new ( to us) piano from Jason’s music. After visiting over a half dozen piano stores in the northern VA and MD area, should have trusted my gut and come here first. Jason’s music had the best selection of used Yamahas and new/used Kawai’s and Steve was great to work with. He answered any and all questions I had regarding the piano. I felt I got a great piano at a fair price, and you can’t ask for more then that.
Thanks Steve for the easy experience and prompt delivery the family loves our new Kawai piano.



Devrey Cunningham

2 years ago
I was in the market for a used upright grand piano and after checking craigslist a bit, I decided to go to Jason's Piano Warehouse for a bigger selection of used pianos. Not only was Steve very knowledgable and helpful ,he was not pushy or trying to up-sell, etc. It's a very professional, well run business with very reasonable prices. I am VERY satisfied with my beautiful Yamaha U7 vertical teak and couldn't be happier to have a piano in my home again! Thank you Steve!


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