Many people attempt to save money by buying a used piano instead of a new one—often a very good idea. But buyers who obtain a piano from a private party often find that, after dealing with all the unexpected headaches and expenses, the instrument they thought was a bargain was no bargain at all!

Buying a used piano from a private party may initially seem less expensive than buying from a dealer, but have you considered the following issues and expenses:

  • How much will it cost to move the piano to your home?

Moving can be expensive, especially where any steps are involved, and attempting to move the piano yourself is dangerous. Cost is $200 - $600

  • Will the piano hold its tune?

Unless you pay to have the piano professionally inspected before buying, you won’t know if it will hold its tune until you get it home and hire a piano tuner. Loose pins are common on pianos over 25 years old and will render a piano utterly useless. Replacing the pins and strings can easily cost $3,000 or more. Our Certified Used Pianos are guaranteed to hold tune with normal maintenance.

  • What about a warranty?

Once you buy piano from a private party, it’s yours—there’s no warranty. Our Certified Used Pianos all carry a 10 Year Warranty on ALL parts AND labor.

  • In addition to tuning, how much will it cost to get the action (moving parts) repaired, regulated, and in decent playing condition?

This often costs $700 - $2500. Just because a piano looks good doesn’t mean that it’s a good buy! Our Certified Used Pianos have been recondition, regulated and tuned so they play like new.

  • Do the soundboard and bridges have sufficient crown and downbearing to ensure good tonal quality for years to come?

As with the pins, replacing a worn out soundboard or bridges costs over $5000, out of the question for an upright piano, and for most grands as well.

  • Does the piano’s case need refinishing?

The cost to refinish a used upright piano can be over $2000. And don’t think that this is a do-it-yourself project—many try and end up never completing the job, leaving a living room floor littered with cabinet parts, or end up with paint sealing the piano shut.


The 10 Point Certified Used Piano from Jasons Music Center makes sense:

  1. Certified Used Pianos are covered with a 10-year warranty on ALL parts AND labor, and a full price trade in policy.
  2. We torque-test the pinblock and pins to ensure that the piano is structurally capable of holding a tuning and maintaining concert pitch for years to come.
  3. We check the structural integrity of the piano, including the beams and cast-iron plate.
  4. We insure that the soundboard has sufficient crown and the bridges sufficient downbearing to produce good tonal quality for years to come.
  5. We inspect the soundboard's ribs for separations and the bridges for cracks that would impair the tone or make the piano unplayable.
  6. We inspect the piano keys and action parts, and repair as needed.
  7. We ensure all pedals operate properly, including the sostenuto pedal (where applicable).
  8. We inspect the piano case and hardware, and refinish or repair blemishes as needed.
  9. Before delivery, we tune the piano to concert pitch, regulate the piano action and voice the hammers to allow the piano to perform optimally..
  10. After delivery, we come to your home and again tune the piano to concert pitch and regulate the piano action, to allow for any changes caused by the move.


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