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What is Prodigy?

Prodigy is the culmination of everything PianoDisc Wireles

Player Piano Systems strive for—

the absolute best piano player, powered by cutting-edge

technology, with a simple, streamlined experience just for you.

All in an invisible package.

Beauty in simplicity.

Prodigy combines PianoDisc’s innovative SilentDrive HD technology

and iQ’s High Resolution software with over 1,024 levels of expression

into one box. No wires, no fuss.

More ways to connect.

With Bluetooth, Analog, TOSLINK, MIDI 5-pin DIN,

USB and Bluetooth MIDI, Prodigy gives you

more ways to connect to your piano than

ever before.

New apps for a new generation.


The new and improved Android and iOS iPad, iPhone

iQ Player App comes with hundreds of songs in every genre,

and gives you more precise control of playback

and better performance than ever before.


Free on the Apple App Store


Also for Android


Safe and secure music storage.

All of your PianoDisc wireless player piano

music is stored on your device, this means instant music

with no streaming or download delays. And since

all of your music is available from PianoDisc’s

online delivery service,

if you ever change iOS iPad, iPhone devices, a

PianoDisc customer service representative will

be happy to assist you in downloading your

existing music to the new device.

Always heard, never seen.

After Prodigy is installed in your piano, it is completely

invisible —no distracting boxes, wires, or cables that

take away from the beauty of your piano.

It’s just you and the music.

Bursting with potential.

Prodigy can be upgraded at any time with PianoDisc’s

ProRecord optical record system, transforming your

piano into a Midi-capable recording studio, or

add PianoDisc’s QuietTime, SILENT PIANO system

and turn it into your very own private practice room


PianoDisc Player Piano Packages

All featuring iQ technology:

Prodigy iQ Entertainment (Player Piano)


The Prodigy iQ Entertainment system is the most popular

and least expensive, and provides playback-Player

Piano capabilities that can play the piano, the orchestra

and sing all at once!


PianoDisc Prodigy with 1,024 Levels of Expression

Free iQ Player iPad/Phone App available for easy operation

Complimentary Music Library valued at $1,400


Prodigy Pro Record (Record Yourself – Computer Interface)

The Prodigy iQ Interactive system also provides playback

functionality and, with the addition of an optical MIDI

strip, allows the user to record performances

and interact with MIDI music apps such as PianoDisc

iQ Player, Garage Band, Symphonix Evolution, and

Piano Marvel, to name a few.


PianoDisc Prodigy with 1,024 Levels of Expression

ProScan Optical MIDI Record/Sensor System

Free iQ Player iPad/Phone App available for easy operation

Complimentary Music Library valued at $1,400


Prodigy iQ QuietTime (Silent Piano)

The Prodigy iQ QuietTime system is essentially an

iQ Interactive system, but the addition of a manually

activated mechanical mute rail to prevent the piano’s

hammers from striking the strings eliminates the normal

acoustic-piano sound. The user can then listen

through headphones (provided) without being disturbed

by surrounding sounds, and/or play without disturbing others.


PianoDisc Prodigy with 1,024 Levels of Expression

Piano silencer mute system

ProRecord Optical MIDI Record/Sensor System

10 Song Internal Record Memory with Key Movement Playback

Sound Module with 88 built-in sounds

Free iQ Player iPad/Phone App available for easy operation

Complimentary Music Library valued at $1,400

Turn your piano into a Wireless iPad player

Imagine your piano played by Rachmaninoff, Mozart

or Bach — some of the greatest artists the world has known.

Imagine it playing Broadway show tunes, classical, jazz
improvisations or the music of Grammy and Top Ten

artists like Adele, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift, and

Frank Sinatra—all your favorite music. Imagine your piano

setting the stage for every occasion from dinner for two

to a houseful of company. Imagine a player piano by PianoDisc.




Visit Jasons Music Center for PianoDisc details!

The PianoDisc system can be installed into your existing acoustic piano.

The tone and feel of your piano is not compromised, allowing you to play it

as a traditional instrument or as a unique entertainment package.


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