New Pianos

We always have a wide selection of like-new Yamaha vertical and grand pianos in stock.  All of our Yamaha pianos have been "optimized" to enable them to perform like new.  All carry a 10-year warranty. 


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Baldwin: From stages to recording studios to family music rooms, Baldwin pianos have set the standard for innovative design, classic styling, and outstanding performance.

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Kawai: Acoustic, digital, and hybrid pianos. Our Kawai grand pianos are often sought after by classical pianists as a less-expensive alternative to other high-end pianos.


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PianoDisc: From the iQ Intelligent Player System to iPad and iPod systems, PianoDisc allows you to play your piano in the traditional way or enjoy the piano playing the music for you.

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QRS PNOmation3: The Next Generation of Player Piano Technology.

  • The most advanced player technology.
  • The most advanced optical record technology.
  • The best and most comprehensive music content.
  • Industries best roster of artists = Great performances.

Why Hardman

More Tradition – More Piano – More Piano Value

European Scale Design

  •             Premium hammer felts for a rich, full tone
  •             A responsive action to meet the demands of any pianist
  •             Larger rim construction and bracing
  •             Precision fit tuning pins to ensure tuning stability
  •             All grand pianos feature a sostenuto pedal, an important performance feature especially to the classical pianist
  •             Steinway-style spade legs with large casters
  •             Beveled lids on grand pianos and most vertical pianos



We also have a great selection of like-new pianos from Yamaha, Steinway, Young Chang and many others.

Trust the expert team at Jasons Music Center.

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