Hybrid Pianos

Jasons Music Center: Your Hybrid Piano Headquarters

A Primer

Before we discuss hybrid pianos, we must explain the difference between acoustic and digital pianos. In an acoustic piano, sound is produced by the mechanical striking of hammers against strings, whereas in a digital piano, the sound is produced electronically. In simple terms, a hybrid piano is one that combines elements of both acoustic and digital pianos. There are many possible combinations of such elements, and more are being developed.

Digital Hybrids are pianos whose sounds are produced electronically, but which also include some elements of an acoustic piano, such as a functioning soundboard, an action that emulates an acoustic piano action, acoustic piano cabinetry, and so forth.

Acoustic Hybrids are pianos whose sounds are produced mechanically, by hammers striking strings, but which can also produce sounds electronically. When the electronic sounds are activated, the acoustic sounds can be silenced by means of a "stop rail" that prevents the hammers from striking the strings. In some acoustic hybrids, the acoustic and electronic sounds can be played simultaneously.

At Jasons, we specialize in hybrid pianos. We have digital hybrids from Kawai, one of the world's largest piano manufacturers. We have in stock, and custom build, a wide array of acoustic hybrid pianos, converting any acoustic piano into a hybrid by installing features such as silent play, sound modules, recording capabilities, etc.

Simple acoustic hybrid pianos are available from about $3,995 for a vertical piano, and $6,995 for a grand.

At Jasons we feature Kawai Digital Hybrid Pianos. Their exclusive digital technology provides tone and touch that are as close as possible to those of an acoustic piano.

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