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Pramberger Pianos

Jasons Music Center is the Exclusive Dealer for Pramberger Pianos In Baltimore

Joe Pramberger was the lead designer and VP of Manufacturing for Steinway & Sons for 29 years. Soon after the Steinway family sold the company, Joe designed his own line of pianos, with new designs. Starting in 1958, Joseph Pramberger honed his craft at Steinway & Sons, where he spent 29 years perfecting his skills, first as Design Engineer, then as Vice President of Manufacturing.He formed his own company, Pramberger Piano Ltd. In 1987.

The Result; Proof that you don’t have to be rich to have a grand piano with world class features, incredible tone and superlative touch.

The following are just a few of the new upgrades:

Asymmetrically Tapered Soundboards: This feature, developed and patented by Steinway and Sons in 1936-1937 is credited, by Steinway, as being largely responsible for their tone quality. Their patents having expired, Joe was free to incorporate them into the Pramberger design.

Tunneled Bridges: Another Steinway expired patent where the underside of the bridges is cut away to allow more flexibility at the treble break. Steinway says that this improvement radically improved their treble/bass break.The bridges in Pramberger pianos is virtually identical.

Asymmetrically Crown Soundboard: This places the crown of the soundboard directly under the curving treble bridge, where downbearing is greatest, providing strength and optimizing tone quality.

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