We Feature Kawai Digital Pianos

Kawai​ CN27R

Digital Console Piano, Matching Bench Included

High Performance... Low Cost - BLUETOOTH® equipt
Affordability meets high performance. Combining acclaimed Harmonic Imaging technology with a new 88-note keyboard action featuring counterbalancing.

Kawai​ CN37R

Digital Console Piano - Rosewood, Satin Black and Satin White

You can have it all! Superior piano tone and touch… then add hundreds of other sounds.Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and SK-EX concert grand piano sounds, with powerful 4 speaker output, USB audio features, Bluetooth®, the CN37 delivers impressive specifications.


Digital Console Piano, Matching Bench Included


You Can Have It All

Start with superior sound and touch with the acclaimed RHIII Graded Hammer Action and Counter Balanced keys with let-off, ivory touch and triple sensor detection…

Then add 324 sounds, 12 drum kits, Dual, Split and Four-Hands modes, 16-Track Recorded, 256 note polyphone plus USB, 2 Headphone and MIDI jacks.

A Grand Feel Pedal System with Damper (with half-pedal support), Sostenuto and Soft.

Top it off with an elegant cabinet and you have the CN35, as beautiful as it is powerful


Digital Console Piano, Matching Bench Included


High Performance… Low Cost

Affordability meets high performance in the CN25. Combining the acclaimed RHIII Graded Hammer Action and Counterbalanced Keys with let-off, ivory-touch and triple sensor detection, the CN25 stylishly delivers superior tone and touch at a surprisingly affordable price.

Grand Feel pedal system with damper (with half-pedal support), sostenuto and soft.

The new Vocal Assist function with its speed output makes it easy to find the desired function. In addition sound preview lets you find any sound easily.


Digital Hybrid Console Piano, Matching Bench Included


Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano… the ultimate piano experience.

Stunning new samples of Shigeru Kawai Concert and Chamber Grand Pianos, the latest in sound technology and action design, plus its innovative Soundboard Speaker System, the CA97 Hybrid Piano captures the essence of playing an exquisite acoustic piano.

* Grand Feel II (GFII) Wooden-Key Action with Let-Off and Triple Sensor Detection

The same key length as the famous GX series grands.

* Grand Feel Pedals

* 80 Premium Instrument & Vocal Sounds

* 10 Song Recorder

* USB Audio – Play/Rec MP3 and WAV Files USB to Device & USB to Host.


Digital Hybrid Upright Piano, Matching Bench Included


Definitive Digital Hybrid Piano

The CS10 blurs the line that seperates acoustic pianos from their digital counterparts. Great digital features merge with acoustic piano features to create abeautiful, and incredibly capable, hybrid instrument.

* Polished Ebony Upright Piano Case

* Soundboard Speaker System – This unique approach reproduces the unmistakable warmth and ambience of an acoustic piano, giving the CS10 a unique tonal quality that is more naturally balanced than other digital pianos.

*Grand Feel (GF) – Wooden-Key action with let-off and ivory feel keys

*Grand Feel – Pedals

* 80 Premium instrument & vocal sounds

* 256 Note Polyphony

Play It – Hear It – Be Amazed

My First Piano

Digital Ebony, Bench Included


MY FIRST PIANO, the perfect answer to first step in learning to play and experience the piano!

My1stPiano offers a great piano cabinet that turns into a desk, with real piano keys and touch, real piano sound, rhythms, additional instrument sounds, computer interface (USB), silent playing with headphones, easy fun for the entire family and the perfect affordable first step in a piano learning experience.


Digital Grand Polished Ebony or Polished Red, Bench Included

A high-performing digital Stereo Grand Piano. Turn it into a PLAYER PIANO!