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Joe Pramberger was the lead designer and VP of Manufacturing for Steinway & Sons for 29 years. Soon after the Steinway family sold the company, Joe designed his own line of pianos, with new designs. The following are just a few of the new upgrades:

Asymmetrically Tapered Soundboards: This feature, developed and patented by Steinway and Sons in 1936-1937 is credited, by Steinway, as being largely responsible for their tone quality. Their patents having expired, Joe was free to incorporate them into the Pramberger design.

Tunneled Bridges: Another Steinway expired patent where the underside of the bridges is cut away to allow more flexibility at the treble break. Steinway says that this improvement radically improved their treble/bass break.The bridges in Pramberger pianos is virtually identical.

Asymmetrically Crown Soundboard: This places the crown of the soundboard directly under the curving treble bridge, where downbearing is greatest, providing strength and optimizing tone quality.

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