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Music Lessons and Rentals

Whether you are looking for expertly-taught music lessons, new or used instruments for purchase or rental, or repair and accessories for your existing instruments, the team at Jasons Music Center can help! We offer personalized service for all of our customers, whatever your needs may be. Our more than 75 years of devotion to customer satisfaction has gained us the NAMM Award for our length of service in the music industry. Visit our showroom today and see how we can help find the perfect musical products or services for you!

Our music services include:

  • Band instrument rental : Do you need to rent instruments for back to school? From violins to trombones, we offer an extensive line of band instruments to rent, all at a price that you can afford.
  • Music lessons : At Jasons Music Center, we offer our award-winning music education services on numerous instruments for people of all ages. We can help you refine your musical skills!
  • Musical instruments : Whether you are looking for a grand piano, guitars, or orchestral instruments, our full line of musical instruments can meet the needs of all our customers.
  • School loaned pianos: We offer a school piano loan program to provide new pianos to public schools in Maryland and have received multiple acknowledgements regarding our contributions.

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From our award-winning musical instruction to our extensive line of instruments for rent or sale, we can help you find exactly what you need and ensure that you leave satisfied. Our professional and friendly staff team is here for you, and is glad to answer any questions you may have. Throughout the years we have gained an outstanding reputation for quality in presentation, quality in merchandise, and quality in after-sales service, but we continue to strive and progress every day. If you are in the Baltimore area and looking for musical instruments or music lessons, call Jasons Music Center today at (410) 647-9172 and learn more about the products and services that we offer.